Why Bail Bond Companies Have a Privacy Policy

privacy signA privacy policy is designed to protect the privacy of the clients or customers of a particular business establishment.

While the specific terms of privacy policies may vary depending on the particular needs of a party and the governing laws or statutes in their respective jurisdictions, privacy policies usually provide or enumerate the ways or methods by which a person gathers, stores, and utilizes client or customer information and data.

For bail bond companies, the kind of information they collect would be those that are relevant to the details of a client’s personal information and any and all information relevant to the criminal proceeding he is currently undergoing. Required information may also include financial information that was necessary for the bail bondsman and his client to come to a feasible working agreement.

That information may include the client’s name, address, marital status, number of children, date of birth, ID numbers, credit information, his financial capacity, the nature of the charges against him and the evidence that was gathered to substantiate those charges. Of course, there may be a lot more information collected by a bail bondsman, and these would have been collected during their business dealings with the defendant.

There is usually a statement in the Privacy Policy of a bail bondsman that assures the client that their personal information will be kept confidential, and these will not be used indiscriminately by the bail bondsman or shared to third persons.

There may also be a statement regarding how and when the information that was collected may be utilized by a bail bondsman. For instance, if a defendant skips bail, the bail bondsman may share the personal information of defendant with a hired bail bond recovery agent to enable him to locate, apprehend and bring back the defendant to the court’s jurisdiction.