What Private Information are Required by Bail Bond Agents?

When you contact a bail bondsman for assistance in providing bail for a loved one who may be detained in jail, you will need to be able to provide relevant information to the bail bondsman as quickly as possible. This would help them to facilitate the posting of the surety bond on the defendant’s behalf and to initiate the processing of the defendant’s release from prison. It is, therefore, a good idea to have the relevant information ready at hand when you meet with a bail bondsman.

Some of the personal information they may require from you include:

  • Information about the defendant, including the full name and the booking number. These are mainly for identification purposes so that a bail bondsman can identify the right person to bail out of jail. After all, he and the defendant are as yet complete strangers to each other.
  • The jail where the defendant is being detained. By providing the bail bondsman the location or the name of the jail where the defendant is being held, the bail bondsman will know where to go and what paperwork to fill out to post bail and help facilitate the defendant’s release.
  • The amount of the bail. This is, of course, important because the bail bondsman will need to have the financial capacity to afford the bail amount set for the defendant and to prepare the proper paperwork to post sufficient surety for that amount. This will also be the basis for the fee that you will be paying the bail bondsman.

Based on the personal information above, a bail bondsman determines whether or not to accept a person as a client. If the bail bondsman does decide to accept the defendant as a client, discussions can then proceed on the specific terms of the bail bond agreement.