How a Bail Bondsman Can Help Protect Your Privacy

Due to the nature of their business, bail bondsmen may have access to some of your private information, including the availability of cash and other valuable property that belong to you. A bail bondsman is also privy to the details of the criminal case filed against you, including what the charges are, and what facts or events transpired that led up to your being arrested in a criminal charge.

But being privy to such information is not a license to make these known to the public. To a certain extent, even a criminal defendant is still entitled to the right to privacy, and the reasonable expectation that information provided in confidence will be kept confidential by your bail bondsman.

While a bail bondsman may assist you in the satisfaction of your bail requirements, you can also ask them not to publicize any of your personal information, as well as to maintain a bit of discretion about the events surrounding your arrest in your community. This may also include confidentiality regarding your bail and any other conditions that are attached to your bail.

A certain level of discretion is to be expected from your bail bondsman, and you can trust that he will not make public the fact that you were arrested, spent time in jail, and required his services as a bail bondsman. Of course, anything relevant to the court proceedings are a matter of public record, including the fact that you hired their services. But being made a matter of public record does not necessarily mean that these should actively be made public, thus avoiding what could otherwise be an embarrassing experience for you.